Advantages Of Using a Cream Charger in Your Kitchen

Whipped cream is commonly used in desserts and drinks these days. Aside from adding an extra touch of creaminess, whipped cream also adds more beauty to these food and drinks, making them more visually appealing.

Traditionally, whipped cream is made by beating the cream and other ingredients in a bowl using a mixer on high speed. However, this technique takes longer to finish. To save time and energy, cream chargers have been developed and are now really popular among kitchens and even food businesses.

Here are some of the advantages you could experience when you use a cream charger instead of whipping up cream the traditional way.

Lesser Effort

With a cream charger, you don’t need to go through the long process of whipping cream in a bowl. All you need to do is load the cream into the canister, mix it well with the nitrous oxide inside, and you’ll have a perfectly whipped cream in no time. It definitely saves you a lot of time in the kitchen, giving you more time to prepare other food and drinks as well.

Keeps Whipped Cream Fresh for Longer Time

Spoiled whipped cream is definitely a no-no for every drink or dessert. However, with a cream charger, you can keep your whipped cream fresh for a long time – up to two weeks. When you’re done using the whipped cream, simply store the canister in the fridge and it will stay fresh for weeks. You now have a ready-made whipped cream anytime you need it.

You could also create whipped cream in advance especially when you’re hosting a party. You guests can dispense whipped cream into their desserts as much as they like while you still have extra cream ready in the fridge. Get quality cream chargers delivered straight to you anytime you need it with Nang delivery all across Victoria.

No-Mess Preparation

Whipping cream, the traditional way is naturally a messy process. As you use the mixer, there is always a risk of splattering cream around your working area, leaving you more work to do after making whipped cream. However, with a cream charger, the process is made relatively mess-free. You just need to place the cream into the canister and let the nitrous oxide react to it and make it foamier. No more splatters around and you’ll have perfectly whipped cream in no time.

More Volume and Better Consistency

Lastly, another great thing about using a cream charger is that it creates more volume of whipped cream compared to traditional ways of making it. You could opt for a bigger canister to create more whipped cream if there is a high demand for it like for business use or parties. Aside from that, you could also have the same perfect consistency of whipped cream every time as long as you’re using a cream charger. Your desserts and drinks would surely look perfect all the time.

With all those amazing advantages you could get when using a cream charger, it is indeed a perfect addition to your kitchen to create the best desserts and drinks you’ve always wanted.

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