Amazing Benefits of Acai Berries

Acai berries are popularly called as a superfood by health enthusiasts. This fruit is widespread in Central and South America yet their popularity is very well known worldwide. Acai berries are known for their numerous health benefits.

They taste great when eaten fresh as a fruit but because of their short shelf-life, these berries are processed into puree or powder to make them available to other regions far from where it grows naturally. Here are some of the best health benefits you could enjoy when you eat acai berries or take acai supplements regularly.

Rich in Nutrients

Unlike other fruits, acai berry has a lot of nutrients packed in one tiny berry. Aside from essential vitamins such as vitamin A and C, it also contains lots of minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, and potassium which are greatly needed by our body to function well.

It also has a special plant compound called anthocyanin which helps our body’s processes by acting as a natural antioxidant. That’s simply so much nutrients in just a little berry. If you want to experience the health benefits of acai berry yet you can’t get your hands on fresh ones, you may opt for an organic acai supplement which works as well as the unprocessed ones.

Rich in Antioxidants

Free radicals are normally present in our bodies. However, if they are not neutralized by antioxidants, they could cause a lot of negative effects to your health such as skin aging, heart disease, and a lot more. Acai berries are rich in antioxidants just like other berries. If you’re looking for the best supplement that could maintain your optimum health, acai berry is the best choice.

Improve Levels of Cholesterol

Aside from being rich in nutrients and antioxidants, regular intake of acai berry is also proven to improve cholesterol levels by lowering LDL and the total cholesterol in your bloodstream. Acai berry contains plant sterols which work by preventing the absorption of cholesterol into the body. This benefit is really helpful especially for those who are looking for natural ways to maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

Improves Brain Function

Based on research, acai berry is also helpful in boosting brain function. The antioxidants present in acai berries help maintain the brain at its best by countering the damages that are caused by oxidation. It also keeps the brain healthy by aiding in the clean-up process of damaged or toxic cells, giving way to new brain cells to form for better brain functioning.

Possible Anti-Cancer Effects

Although acai is not a magical fruit, it has an effect in diminishing the growth and spread of cancer cells. This health benefit still needs a lot of research but it is already a good start for great break throughs in cancer treatment soon.

Acai berries have a lot of amazing health benefits almost anyone would want to experience. When taking acai berries, be sure to eat them fresh as it is or take supplements without adding anything on it for best effect.

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