Organic Food -Things to Know

We have heard of eating healthy. And, when it comes to healthy eating, the first few things that come to mind are fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy. However, are these food items really healthy? Have you ever thought of the chemicals that are used to produce these food items? Or, do you opt for organic food?

This has been a debatable topic of all time which has increased the awareness of eating safe foods. Here, we are going to look into it in detail.

How Are Organic Products Different from Non-Organic Products?


Organic fruits and vegetables are produced:

  • With compost or manure, which are also commonly known as natural fertilizers
  • By controlling the weeds naturally; either, using organically approved herbicides or through organic methods, such as hand weeding or crop rotating
  • By protecting the crops using natural pesticides, which keeps away the pests. And even by using organic methods like bird and insect traps

Organic dairy products, meat, and eggs are raised following the methods mentioned below.

  • The livestock is provided with organic food, which is free from GMOs and manufactured hormones
  • Diseases are treated with a natural method to avoid any form of antibiotics. The natural methods are as follows: clean housing, healthy dieting, and rotational grazing
  • The livestock is given fresh air. The livestock is given outdoor access to move about freely


Non-organic fruits and vegetables are produced:

  • with chemicalized or synthetic fertilizers
  • by controlling the weeds with artificial herbicides
  • by controlling the pest using chemical pesticides

Non-organic dairy products, meat, and eggs are raised following the methods mentioned below.

  • The livestock is fed on growth hormones to speed up their growth process. Besides that, the livestock is also given GMO foods
  • The livestock are given antibiotics and medication to prevent diseases
  • In most cases, the livestock is under close supervision and is left indoors

Based on these facts, there is a fine line that denotes the healthier choice between the two. Nowadays you have quick access to these organic products. You can buy organic meat online, organic fruits and even vegetables and greens.

In many countries, animals raised in an industrial environment are fed on the following:

  • Corn and grains
  • Antibiotics
  • Animal by products
  • Growth hormones
  • Pesticides
  • Sewage and wastewater residues

Undoubtedly, consuming industrial-raised animals can harm the health of the animal as well as the one consuming its products. Whether it is to eat meat, egg, or drink milk- it is equally harmful to one’s health. Hence, it is essential for one to look for a safer label before making the purchase. It is a costly choice, but, however, saves you from countless diseases that you can by eating unhealthy meat.

Look for these labels when making a purchase:

Beef or Dairy Products

  • Pasture raised
  • 100% grass fed

Chicken or Eggs

  • Certified Organic

How to shop for organic foods on a budget?

  • Buy directly from a farmer’s market. It will be relatively less costly than the supermarket price.
  • When purchasing fruits and vegetables, buy in season. Due to high availability and limited freshness, you can make the purchase at a lower cost.

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