Things to Look For When Choosing a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner’s job is to make your life easy when it comes to organizing your big day. Essentially they are the coordinator who takes care of the details of the wedding and allows you to sit back and make all the big decisions. However, choosing the right wedding planner ton to manage your wedding day is a very significant task that needs to be done carefully. There are many wedding planning organizations out there and some are truly genuine and perform their duties to the utmost best but there is also the black sheep of the industry. The ones that make you feel as though life would have been easier if you handled your event yourself. Let’s run through a few things to look out for when choosing the right wedding planner for your special day.

Are They Organized And Easy To Reach?

The wedding planner’s main job is to organize and that entails being organized as a person. Any person who does not have a handle over things cannot become a planner. During the preparation time for your wedding, you will always need to be in contact with your wedding planner, make sure when you choose your wedding planner that they are responsive and get back to you immediately. If you find that they are hard to reach a lot of the time, then it is most definitely time to look for someone else.

Do They Know The Vendors They Recommend?

This is a very significant point to consider when choosing the correct wedding planner as they are the link you have to potential vendors when it comes to getting your wedding together. Be very careful and pay close attention to the type of vendors the wedding planner recommends, ask yourself if these vendors are actually suitable and genuine. For example, if they recommend the website, is the wedding planner earning a buck out of recommending their selection of vendors to you? Even if there is no monetary gain to the wedding planner, make sure they are not simply making recommendations out of convenience rather than what is actually suitable.

Does Your Wedding Planner Accommodate Your Ideas?

Some wedding planners claim to be the experts in wedding planning and tend to push over the needs of the brides or simply think they know what’s best for the brides rather than listening to the needs of the bride. Make sure this is not the case. You don’t want a wedding planner to dictate what your big day will look like, this is your day and the wedding planner should be flexible enough to accommodate your needs, not hers, no matter the amount of expertise she has in the field. If it seems as though the wedding planner isn’t all that accommodating or of she tries to rule over your ideas and wishes by imposing her thoughts, it is definitely time to switch!

Are They Clear and Upfront About Their Business Transactions?

You have to make sure your wedding planner is transparent when it comes to costs and payments that need to be made to her. Discuss this first before you get down to any planning, sit down and touch on all the nitty gritty parts of the contract between you and the planner and make sure both parties are on the same page when it comes to any kind of transactions. Agree on payments and any negotiations should be done upfront and make sure none of the agreed terms are altered later on in the process.

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