Why You Should Add More Seafood Your Daily Diet

There are numerous reasons why we should eat seafood. Not only are they delicious, they are also a good source of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. It’s also easy to get since some groceries do door to door delivery. Seafood could also help with depression, weight loss and boost IQ.

It’s healthier

One of the reasons why you should add more seafood to your daily diet is that it is healthier. Not only is it a good source of protein, essential fats that our body needs such as omega 3, vitamins A, B and D and minerals such as iron, iodine, calcium, zinc and selenium are also found in seafood. Fatty fish such as trout, salmon and tuna provide us with omega 3 fatty acids that are food for the heart.

Eating two servings of these fatty fishes per week would reach the needed supplement of omega 3 that our bodies need. Omega 3 is also essential in keeping our eyes healthy. As we age, our eyesight also weakens but, numerous studies have already proved that people who have a higher intake of these fatty fishes have better eyesight even after they age.

You could have it delivered right outside your doorstep

We all have this notion that only non-perishable food could be delivered to our doorstep, fruits and vegetables too or non-food items. But fresh seafood delivery, meat and poultry are also supplied and provided by groceries to its customers. Now, you don’t have to go to the fish market to buy fresh seafood. You could just have them delivered.

It’s a natural anti-depressant

This fact still needs to have more scientific basis and evidence but there are those who claim that they are less prone to suffer from depression than those who are consuming less seafood than them. But since seafood such as crab, mussels and clams have vitamin B-12 which is essential to combat depression and dementia, adding more seafood to your diet certainly could not harm you.

It could help with weight loss

Eating seafood since it is rich in protein and low on calories could help those who are trying to lose weight. As an example, a tuna steak is more filling compared to a sirloin because of its protein content without the added calories that contribute to weight gain. Fish with white meat such as halibut is also considered to be the number two most satisfying food, next to boiled potatoes which could attest to how filling seafood could be.

It could also help improve IQ

Pregnant women and nursing mothers are encouraged to consume their required daily intake of seafood because eating them could help improve the IQ level of the baby in their belly and their infants when they are breastfeeding. Although women are advised to stay away from seafood that has high mercury content and instead just consumes salmon, tilapia, catfish, cod, tuna and pollock.

When incorporating seafood into your daily diet, make sure that they are fresh and properly cleaned. Know also the proper method of cooking them to make the most of reaping the benefits.

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